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I provide the Eating For Health forums to help you make the right personal diet choices that will help your health.

On Foodary Recipes for your Healthy Life website, I present food and nutrition facts that relate to health. These are general nutrition facts based on scientific studies. The facts increase your knowledge about food. But, they do not necessarily help you make the right choices that suit your unique circumstances.

That is why you need the Eating for Health forums. They allow you to realize which food facts apply to you. Then they help you make better diet choices.

Eating For Health Forums Organization

If you just want quick answers, ask your food and health questions now.

If you want to learn a bit more about how the eating for health forums work, then continue reading.

If you ever have any difficulty using the Foodary forums, please raise a support ticket in my Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

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Eating For Health Forums

This is how Foodary’s Eating For Health forums are organized:

Food Forum Description Start new topic
Eating For Health Discuss any aspect of food and health. Share your questions, experiences, and opinions here. New food and health topic
Foodary Member Profiles Create your personal food and health profile to help you manage your diet better. New Foodary Member Profile
Foodary Suggestion Box Foodary can improve, with your help. Tell me how to make it easier for you to enjoy a healthy diet. New Foodary Suggestion
Personal Health Eating Plans For diet problems that go beyond a simple question and answer session. Get structured, personal guidance to plan your way to healthy eating. New Healthy Eating Plan

If you just want to chat with like-minded people, there is also a General Discussion Forum.

As I mentioned above, if you have any difficulties using my Eating For Health forums, please use the red Food Help button, or raise a ticket in my Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

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