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  1. USDA Data vs API Data

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How does your alkaline diet work? PRAL Alkaline/Acid Chart Layout

PRAL Alkaline-Acid Diet Topic Summary I use the PRAL calculation to provide scores for thousands of food items from the USDA database. Then I present groups of foods in various lists throughout Because people who want an alkaline diet must avoid spurious lists of foods based on obsolete ash-based calculations. But the Internet (and many ...

Which food and drink will help acid reflux? Which is the Best Alcoholic Drink for Acid Reflux?

I just found your site and it looks really good. I am trying to find an alcoholic drink that won’t give me acid reflux as I am going to Rhodes in Greece to my daughter’s wedding and don’t want to be a killjoy on the bachelors night.

Celebrating Alkaline Beer Low PRAL Alkaline Beer

The doctor ordered a ct scan for me and i was freeking out! Possible cancer. the ct scan showed nothing abnormal. Whow what a relief! Anyhow i went online and started looking up alkaline diets and almost every diet said alcohol and/or beer was very acidic. Bummer! I am not a raging alcoholic but after ...

Do you have healthy food combination charts? Healthy Food Combinations

I found your website when I was looking for a healthy food combinations chart. I can see that I should combine some acid forming foods with some alkaline foods. But I’m confused about how to do this and how it helps my health. I’m a little overweight and I want to eat more healthily. What are ...

Diet or Drugs for Potassium Control? Potassium Foods

Inspired by a readers comments, I have supplied dietary potassium information for many years: “I am on a modified kidney diet and I have to limit my potassium. I am looking for any info on all foods that I eat. I was looking for potassium levels for all foods, not just the high levels, so I ...

Heartburn, Peanut Butter, and CalMax Heartburn, Diet, & Calcium Supplement Confusion

Please explain why I got heartburn from eating peanut butter followed by CalMax. They have never bothered me when eaten separately before.

Is agave syrup very alkaline? Is Agave Acid or Alkaline?

If dried agave is very alkaline ( as listed on ), then may I assume agave syrup is also?

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