Foodary Log In Help

To Log In to Foodary, simply click one of the network buttons on the right, where it says “Connect to Foodary with:”

It’s that simple, but there are some additional notes below if you want to understand more about logging in to Foodary.

Before you Log In, please remember that the only reason to log in is to contribute to the Eating For Health forums, or use other Foodary Healthy Eating Services. There is no need to log in if you only want to read information, as everything is available to all visitors.

If you ever have difficulty logging in, please click the red Food Help button, or raise a ticket in Foodary Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

Current Foodary Networks

You can use any of these networks to become a Foodary Member, and to log in to Foodary. The networks pass your email address to Foodary, and might also pass your profile picture. They do not send any password information. Your network security is assured, so long as you keep your network passwords safe. I recommend that you use safe strong passwords at all times, and the easiest way to do that is to use LastPass.

Amazon is popular with Foodary members. They often use Amazon for nutrition books, food supplements to help balance their diet, or just that “oh so important” urine pH test. It’s unlikely to be worth creating an Amazon account just to Log In to Foodary, but if you already have one, it’s a fast safe option.
Blogger allows anyone to create their own food blog without any technical experience. I also provide a similar service if you want friendly knowledgeable help. Blogs can be a great way to learn about your health conditions and the best diets to match your health. You can learn by reading blogs, but you learn much more by writing them. If you like blogging, use your Blogger account to Log In to Foodary.
Facebook is a popular place to chat about food, nutrition, diet, and health. That’s why I run the Healthy Eating Chatroom on Facebook.
Google’s answer to Facebook is Google+. Personally, I find it much easier to use, and so I use it for Foodary Healthy Eating Circles.
OpenID is a methodology, not a network. It’s used by thousands of other networks. If your favorite network uses OpenID, you can use it to Log In to Foodary.
There’s lots of professional nutritionists on Twitter. If you like your diet advice in 140 characters, use Twitter to Log In to Foodary.
Recipes are more interesting when you can watch meals being made and served. My YouTube account is my favorite way to Log In to Foodary.

Potential Foodary Networks

If your favorite network is not listed above, I can make more networks available. These include: Disqus; Foursquare; Instagram; LinkedIn; PayPal; Reddit; Windows Live; Yahoo; and many more.

Please feel free to add your suggestions, about logging in, to Foodary’s Suggestion Box. Of course, you need to be able to log in to do that. If you have any problems logging in, please tell me via the red Food Help button, or my Healthy Eating Helpdesk.

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