Alkaline Diet and Bone Health


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  •  Jeanne Alkire #629

    Hi Keith:
    I just found your site and am very impressed. As you say, there is so much conflicting info out there.

    I have a life long endocrine issue that makes my bones quite fragile. In 2011 I broke a hip, and stumbled on alkaline diet as a possible help in healing. 5 months later, I met my surgeon, who spent 20 minutes with me asking what I had done because my bones were visibly improved to an unexpected degree.

    Another broken hip this month, has had me going back for more research and smuggling greens and green drink into the rest home. You have so much on your page, it will take some days to go through it all.

    Thank you very much for all this research and the terrific presentation. I am grateful.

    all the best
    Jeanne Alkire

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  •  Keith Taylor #650
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    Thank you for your kind comments, Jeanne.

    It’s fantastic to know that alkaline diet using my PRAL charts has improved your bone health.

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