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    • Foxy #525

      I looked at Acid-Alkaline Spices and Herbs Food Chart. But I could not find paprika.

      Is “Paprika” an acidity spice(herb) or is it alkaline? [Hoping it’s alkaline…for good health reasons.]

      Paprika: Acid or Alkaline?
      Paprika: Acid or Alkaline?
    • Keith Taylor #706
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      Paprika is definitely in the chart. But the description comes straight from the USDA database. So sometimes the names are confusing. Because it’s listed as Spices, Paprika.

      The good news is that Paprika is listed under the Very Alkaline column. Because it has a PRAL value in that chart of -36.33. But that is for 100 grams. So, in practice, it will not add a big alkaline PRAL score to your daily diet.

      This is why I keep asking Foodary members to let me know how they use my tables. Because you can either use them to swap one food for another with a lower PRAL score (i.e. more negative). Or, you can use them to give a score to everything you eat (or buy) then compare that from day-to-day or week-to-week.

      To date, I haven’t given much thought to target PRAL scores. So I’d appreciate some feedback if readers would find targets useful or not.

      • Patricia Cofone #824
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        We were instructed by a doctor to go onto a low acid diet not for digestive problems but for prostrate problems and urinary problems. I am struggling to find spices and/or herbs to flavor bland foods. From what I have read fennel,ginger, mustard, tumeric licorice and white pepper are possibilites. Am I correct and are there any others.

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