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  •  Herb #551

    Please provide more info and articles on the Alkascore and its relevance.

    Thank you

    AlkaScore Acid Load to Kidneys Assay chart
    Acid Load to Kidneys Assay chart
  •  Keith Taylor #552
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    Hi Herb,

    Thank you for your interest in ALKAscore.

    To explain, ALKAscore was my idea for a simple, flexible diet scoring system. Because feedback from users of my PRAL alkaline food tables suggested that the original PRAL formula can be hard to understand. Also, it is time-consuming to calculate PRAL values for your food diary.

    So, I realized that PRAL can be simplified when I read about LAKE scores and similar systems. Also, I believe that diet scoring is easier at the food shopping stage rather than from meal history. So, I included an option to apply ALKAscore to meal history, meal plans, food shopping lists, or grocery bills. But, I soon came to the conclusion that refining ALKAscore for an easy, user-friendly application is beyond my resources.

    Therefore, I have mothballed the project. But, I am happy to talk about principles of ALKAscore. Also, I can help you apply those principles to your own practical healthy diet planning or food diary. Obviously, to help you with that, I need to know much more about your current situation and your nutrition goals. So, please keep posting here.

    Finally, does anyone want to partner with me on my ALKAscore project? If so, let me know here, or start a new topic.

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