Are there any alkaline protein bars?

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    • Judy Bethmann #407

      Are there any protein bars on the market that are alkaline? Soy and whey products in these handy snacks are confusing.

      Alkaline Protein Bars photo
      Is this Food Bar good for your Alkaline diet?
    • Keith Taylor #18
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      Almost all calculation methods for alkaline diets only work on wholefoods, or lightly processed foods. All the manufactured bars that I have seen are full of additives. Who knows what affect these will have on the kidneys.

      I’m going to throw this open for comment, as I’m not aware of any healthy protein bars. In essence, it does not matter if snacks are not alkaline. For a balanced alkaline diet, daily overall intake must be alkaline, but around 20% of nutrition should be acid.

      I think snacks are one of the most personal parts of any healthy diet. Some people need them to be able to make it to meal time. Some people just get fat if they snack.

      What sort of calorie allowance are you setting aside for snacks? I’m sure I can find some healthy snacking options, but they only make sense in context of overall diet.

    • Keith Taylor #23
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      You can apply the PRAL formula to anything. It is just an estimate of the acid load on the kidneys (hence – Potential)

      Actual acid load can only be measured by pH testing urine. As we are talking organic chemistry here, the situation can get very complicated. Extra unnatural minerals in highly-processed foods can affect acid load. They might distort the picture, but in a healthy diet, processed foods should be insignificant.

      By the way, the 80:20 alkaline:acid split is only a rough guide. Some people say 2:1, or something in between. You are unique, so you must go for whatever gives you the results you want.

    • Judy Bethmann #19

      Thanks for the excellent answer. Interesting that the PRAL formula applies primarily to whole foods. I snack on trail mixes and fresh fruit, and have tried to balance my diet to include acidic foods. Helpful to know 20% is a good target.
      An indebted to your help.

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