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    • Steve Quinonez #746

      The doctor ordered a ct scan for me and i was freeking out! Possible cancer. the ct scan showed nothing abnormal. Whow what a relief!

      Anyhow i went online and started looking up alkaline diets and almost every diet said alcohol and/or beer was very acidic. Bummer! I am not a raging alcoholic but after working all day i want to have a couple beers.

      I do believe a alkaline diet does help keep cancer and other diseases away

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      Low PRAL Alkaline Beer
      Which Alkaline Beer would you select?
    • Keith Taylor #747
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      OK, Steve, I think you’re saying you’re celebrating with an alkaline beer now that you’ve realized most of the alkaline diets on the Internet get it wrong saying beer is acidic. Because we know from the PRAL calculation that most beers are alkaline. But’s that not always the case, as it depends on the exact nutrient profile.

      It makes me wonder why so many people get this wrong. I’ve even seen websites run by doctors that describe beer as “Very Acidic”. But they never explain how they come to that conclusion. So I’ve messaged one doctor to see if he can provide the numbers behind his statements. But I’m not holding my breath, as it seems that all the similar charts are just copying each other without checking the source of the information.

      Anyway, it’s great to know you can celebrate with a couple of hard-earned alkaline beers after a long day. 🙂

    • Foodary Feedback #758

      Alkaline Food Diet and Alcohol
      I found your Alkaline Food Diet very useful. Especially about the alcohol.

      Hopefully, if my husband does drink, he’ll be more alkaline that day to balance it out!!!

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      • Keith Taylor #759
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        Hopefully, if my husband does drink, he’ll be more alkaline that day to balance it out!!!

        Oh dear, that wasn’t really the take-home message I was aiming for in that article. What I was trying to say is that excess alcohol creates problems beyond anything that a good PRAL-based Alkaline diet can cure. So reasonable alcohol intake is fine. But your husband should talk to his doctor about what is a reasonable alcohol intake. Because his doctor has access to all the relevant personal and medical facts that are important.

        Assuming that your husband does not drink to excess, then alcohol is a reasonable part of a good alkaline diet. Because:
        a) We should not limit ourselves to alkaline-only foods. It’s important to consume a wide range of foods and drinks to get essential nutrients. But the overall balance should be alkaline-forming.
        b) Some alcoholic drinks are acid-forming, some alkaline-forming. As we see from the discussion of beer above. But most are around neutral. So they should not make a significant contribution to acid-alkaline balance if consumption is reasonable.

        All-in-all, it’s best to keep things simple and stick to a glass or two of wine.

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