Diet or Drugs for Potassium Control?


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      Inspired by a readers comments, I have supplied dietary potassium information for many years:

      “I am on a modified kidney diet and I have to limit my potassium. I am looking for any info on all foods that I eat. I was looking for potassium levels for all foods, not just the high levels, so I am looking everywhere. There is not enough potassium information out there to be accessed, so anywhere I can get it will be a help.”

      As well as the potassium nutrition values in the Foodary Nutrition Spreadsheet, I provided the Potassium for pH Balance chart.

      For people with kidney disease or other reasons to restrict potassium, these charts help you avoid foods high in potassium, and opt for lower potassium alternatives.

      However, if your condition is severe, potassium control through diet might not be sufficient. There is a condition called hyperkalemia, where potassium in the blood rises above 5.5mmol/L. If this cannot be controlled by diet, there are 2 new drugs in development.

      Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate (ZS-9) and patiromer have both been tested recently and shown to significantly reduce excess potassium in the blood.

      If you want more information about this research, please ask.

      What is your personal experience of potassium control?

      Potassium Foods

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