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      I find your PRAL charts very useful. Especially, Acid-Alkaline Legumes and Legume Products Food Chart.

      It would be nice if you had a downloadable (pdf) version of your food charts I could keep in the kitchen.

      PRAL Alkaline/Acid Chart Layout
      PRAL Alkaline/Acid Chart Layout
    • Keith Taylor #774
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      Thank you!

      I’m very interested in making PDF versions of PRAL charts. But I’m not sure how to present the information so it’s easy for you to use in the kitchen.

      To explain, my first charts included all foods from the USDA database. But this means there is a lot of repetition of very similar foods. So my later PRAL food lists just use the foods from the USDA Key Foods list. But that makes the charts very restricted. So you won’t find many of the foods that you eat regularly. Although I’ve always said that I would add any food if you ask.

      After a few years of using PRAL charts, I stumbled across a much simpler scoring system. So from that, I started to develop my AlkaScore system. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to take that further. But your request makes me think that the AlkaScore system would be much better for kitchen use. Because I always intended it to be a practical tool to help food shopping and meal planning.

      If anyone else is interested in this, please add your replies here or in the AlkaScore topic.

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