How to post your Personal Food and Health Profile

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  •  Keith Taylor #445
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    Your Personal Food and Health Profile extends the short description that summarizes your bio in your Account Profile. That should be a personal description of you, whereas your Personal Food and Health Profile is all about your diet and health problems.

    Your Personal Food and Health Profile helps you manage your diet in many ways:

    • It tells other Foodary users about your food preferences and health restrictions. This allows other people to tailor their responses to suit you.
    • You can record important questions in one place. That reminds you what is important to you, as it’s easy to lose track if you are dealing with several complex issues.
    • You can record your day-to-day progress, including:
      • Medication doses.
      • Other treatment details.
      • Test results.
      • Your responses to your changes.

      This history is very useful in making the right nutrition choices at the right time.

  •  Keith Taylor #480
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1,060.98

    For 2017, I’m concentrating on re-establishing the Healthy Eating forum here at So, I’ve suspended personal profiles and plans for the time being. Then, I will start a new personal structured health service once this general food forum is busy.

    But, if you feel the need for something more than the help available in Eating for Health forum, please add your thoughts here.

  •  Keith Taylor #449
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    Foodary Healthy Eating Plans are structured, personal plans to help you manage your diet. Plans can cover any aspect of your nutrition related to your health. Your Personal Plan is ideal for answering questions that are too complicated for the main eating for health forum.

    This is a new service, and I am planning and creating more guidelines to help you start your plan.

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