Pumpkin seeds acidic or alakaline?


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      This question about the PRAL of Pumpkin Seeds was sent to the Helpdesk by Ron.

      I’ve posted it here so that everyone can benefit from the discussion. Please feel free to add your comments about acid/alkaline pumpkin seeds.

      Here is the original message:

      I truly love your website, it is very helpful and informative. However, I am confused.
      in your chart, pumpkin seeds kernels are considered very acidic. But, pumpkin seeds whole considered alkaline.
      what makes the whole one alkaline, is it the shell? does that mean it has to be eaten with the shell in order to be alkaline?

      Also, it says that sesame seeds are alkaline but Tahini is acidic, what makes it acidic if the tahini is pure sesame paste?
      Looking forward to hearing from you
      Thank you

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      Keith will explain the differences in whole pumpkin seeds and pumpkin kernels soon. He’ll also look into tahini and sesame seeds.

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      You must always remember that the acid-alkaline food charts on Foodary are based on PRAL. So, to use them correctly, you should start with your whole diet. In detail, that means taking your entire food intake and calculating the PRAL value.

      Then, you can think about improving your diet. Though you must also remember another golden rule of PRAL. Because PRAL is only an estimate, and for true health measurement, you should test urine pH. Then, you only have to worry about details if your PRAL score is too high. Or, more importantly, if your urine pH is too low. So let’s assume you’ve found good reasons to lower your PRAL score.

      Firstly, you should look at the big numbers. So, unless you have a very strange diet, changing your pumpkin and sesame seed preferences is not going to have much influence. But it is interesting to understand how food processing can change the nature of food.

      Alkaline and Acid Pumpkin Seeds

      Starting with pumpkin seeds, I turned to Amazon to highlight the significance. Specifically, I compared Pumpkin Seed Kernels (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EO74DB2) with Whole Pumpkin Seeds in Shells (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EOVIO5O/).

      Pumpkin Kernel Nutrients vs Whole Pumpkin Seeds
      Removing Pumpkin Seed shells creates a different food

      Immediately, you can see from the nutrition labels that we are comparing 2 different foods. Because removing the shells changes the nutrient balance completely.

      Alkaline and Acid Sesame Seeds

      Also, this applies to tahini, since most commercial varieties are made from hulled sesame seeds. So, most of the calcium is lost. Conversely, phosphorus concentration is increased and this combination switches near-neutral sesame seeds to acid forming tahini. Of course, you might make your own tahini. Then retaining the hulls and adding lemon juice could produce different results.

      But, it’s best not to get too bogged down on foods that only play a small part in your diet.

      At this stage, I won;t bore you with precise nutrient comparisons. Because it’s better to be aware of principles and apply them in a practical way. But, if you want more details, just ask.

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      Pumpkin is acidic and alkaline present seeds. But we must use carefully in the daily food diets. Intaking of pumpkin is useful to the body health and the pumpkin seed is also good food diet system to maintaining the body weight in control. It provides various mineral, vitamins and nutrition’s to the body.

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