Should I omit toast with Eggs and Spinach?


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      Yes, your page Are eggs acidic or alkaline? is helpful to me.

      But if you serve your egg+spinach breakfast on white buttered toast, as shown in the picture, does it not become quite a lot more acidic?

      I assume ordinary boiled or poached (very nice with spinach) would be better?

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      Acidic Eggs with Alkaline Spinach Meal
      How do you turn your eggs into a delicious alkaline meal?
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      I think you’re completely missing the point about PRAL-based Alkaline Diets. Because it is not about individual foods and eating everything that is alkaline. Instead, it is about eating a wide variety of whole foods across all the important food groups with your total intake being alkaline (PRAL negative).

      Also, the fat in the eggs and spinach photo is coming from an olive oil dressing (neutral PRAL). But that’s irrelevant. Because the very negative PRAL values from spinach more than compensate for the positive PRAL values of bread and eggs.

      Anyway, thank you for your feedback. But I wish you’d post directly to the forum instead of waiting until I find time to trawl through the feedback responses. That way we can start getting some meaningful discussions going about practical use of PRAL tables. Then I can improve them to make them easier for everyone to use.

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