What are the most alkaline nuts?


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      What are the nuts that are the highest in Alkalinity?

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      As you can see, all the nuts and seeds included in the Key Foods list are acid forming or neutral. Alkaline nuts do exist, and I will add them as they get discussed in the healthy eating forum.

      Are Chestnuts the Most Alkaline Nut?
      Are Chestnuts the Most Alkaline Nut?
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      First, you should remember that a good PRAL-based Alkaline Diet should include some acid-forming foods. Because your diet should be balanced across a wide range of food groups to maximize the benefits of different nutrients.

      As far as the Alkaline Nut list is concerned, note that it is a small sample of nuts based on frequent use (Key Food from the USDA database). So for a more complete list, look at the “Very Alkaline” column in Acid-Alkaline Nut and Seed Products Food Chart.

      Ignoring seeds, the most alkaline nut appears to be Beechnuts. But these are not widely available unless you’re into foraging. So I would say the most alkaline nut is chestnut, which is a versatile nut. Because as well as being tasty as a whole nut, it’s also widely used in sauces and other foods.

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