Potassium Nutrition Research

I’ve identified growing interest in potassium nutrition facts. So it is time for me to identify specific potassium-related nutrition topics. Then I can research those in more detail. In order to produce articles explaining how potassium consumption relates to various diseases.

Potassium Nutrition Research Topics

Potassium and High Blood Pressure
Focus on intake from potassium food sources rather than supplements…
Stone MS, Martyn L, Weaver CM. Potassium Intake, Bioavailability, Hypertension, and Glucose Control. Nutrients. 2016 Jul 22;8(7):444. PMID: 27455317; PMCID: PMC4963920.

Little is known about the bioavailability of potassium, especially from dietary sources. Less is understood on how bioavailability may affect health outcomes. Hypertension (HTN) is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and a major financial burden ($50.6 billion) to the US public health system, and has a significant impact on all-cause morbidity and mortality worldwide. The relationship between increased potassium supplementation and a decrease in HTN is relatively well understood, but the effect of increased potassium intake from dietary sources on blood pressure overall is less clear.

Focus on potassium supplements
Filippini T, Violi F, D'Amico R, Vinceti M. The effect of potassium supplementation on blood pressure in hypertensive subjects: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Int J Cardiol. 2017 Mar 1;230:127-135. Epub 2016 Dec 21. PMID: 28024910.

Conclusion: Potassium supplementation in hypertensives was generally associated with decreased blood pressure, particularly in high sodium consumers, subjects not on hypertensive drug treatment, and those in the lowest category of potassium intake. An adequate dietary intake of potassium, in the order of 90mmol/day, should be achieved for blood pressure control.

Focus on potassium intake ranges (together with sodium intake ranges)…
Chmielewski J, Carmody JB. Dietary sodium, dietary potassium, and systolic blood pressure in US adolescents. J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich). 2017 Sep;19(9):904-909. Epub 2017 May 8. PMID: 28485063.

Conclusion: both excessive sodium and limited potassium are associated with high systolic blood pressure, but the balance between sodium and potassium intake may be more useful in explaining blood pressure

Potassium and Stroke
High potassium intake shows 13% reduction in stroke compared to the lowest intake.
Vinceti M, Filippini T, Crippa A, de Sesmaisons A, Wise LA, Orsini N. Meta-Analysis of Potassium Intake and the Risk of Stroke. J Am Heart Assoc. 2016 Oct 6;5(10):e004210. PMID: 27792643; PMCID: PMC5121516.

Conclusion: Overall, this dose-response meta-analysis confirms the inverse association between potassium intake and stroke risk, with potassium intake of 90 mmol (≈3500 mg)/day associated with the lowest risk of stroke.

Potassium Intake, Heart Disease, and Kidney Disease
Focus on potassium intake from food. Includes general population and patients with medical conditions…
Kovesdy CP, Appel LJ, Grams ME, Gutekunst L, McCullough PA, Palmer BF, Pitt B, Sica DA, Townsend RR. Potassium homeostasis in health and disease: A scientific workshop cosponsored by the National Kidney Foundation and the American Society of Hypertension. J Am Soc Hypertens. 2017 Dec;11(12):783-800. Epub 2017 Oct 10. PMID: 29030153.

current understanding of the role of potassium in health and disease, focusing on cardiovascular, nutritional, and kidney considerations associated with both hypo- and hyperkalemia.

Potassium Nutrition Concerns

From that small sample of potassium research studies we see scientists concerned with potassium from food and from diet supplements. So far, I’ve identified links with:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney Disease
    Potassium Food and Nutrition Research

    Potassium Food and Nutrition Research

    Your Potassium Nutrition Research Topics

    Which aspects of potassium nutrition are you interested in? Do you suffer any illnesses where you think potassium consumption might have effects?

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